AxiTrader Review: The Strengths and Weaknesses of this Broker

AxiTrader also offers automated trading signals via the Auto Trade feature in Myfxbook – a third-party service provider that also powers AxiTrader’s economic calendar. The Axi blog also features high-quality educational articles, and I can only recommend that traders of all levels take a look, as there is plenty of thought-provoking content. Five eBooks are also available free of charge, but Axi asks for a name, country, phone number, and e-mail address.

  1. Post account selection, you must fill in the trader-specific details in the form of preferences.
  2. When you fund money to Axitrader, money is in a segregated bank account that is separate from Axitrader company’s funds.
  3. Traders can access the markets via MetaQuotes Metatrader 4 (also available for Mac) and MT4 Nexgen, which is available for Pro account clients.

This is of course, one of the most respected and powerful trading platforms in the entire industry. Solid regulation is not the only protective measure in place for traders at the broker. This means you cannot lose more than you deposit in your account, though if you have more than one account, the balance of one can be used to cover the other.

It is important to be aware of the potential for loss and to only invest what you can afford to lose. Explore the Axitrader platform and train yourself to think systematically and logically about the markets. Furthermore, learning how to mitigate and manage investment risk is crucial. Trading with Axitrader involves developing a strategy considering risk management techniques such as stop-loss orders, diversification, and position sizing. By effectively managing risk, you can increase your chances of success in the markets. While learning, you can also use global trading times to practice making live buy or sell trades using Axitrader.

Axi Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal

On our first interaction with the customer service team via live chat we received an inaccurate answer to our question. To further enhance your protection, segregated accounts are always used. This means that if the broker ever ran into bankruptcy or insolvency, your money would always be safe.


However, you must pass the verification process to start live trading with Axitrader, which can take up to a few business days. Overall, stop-loss orders can provide Axitrader traders with an effective way to manage risk and protect their investments in volatile markets. Stop Loss and Take Profit are not guaranteed with Axitrader, you must actively monitor your live trading portfolio and financial exposure on Axitrader. Trading CFD trades on the Axitrader platform can provide more flexibility than traditional market trades, allowing access to CFD fractional shares, international markets, and short selling.


But we don’t stop there – we also offer valuable insights into other great alternatives to Axitrader, so you can make a more informed decision and compare other brokers against Axitrader. Well, if you are looking for a well run and fully regulated broker with strong customer support and a reasonable product offering then it could the broker for you. Secondly, although they do offer cryptocurrency trading, the margin levels are very disappointing. With an 80% margin on all crypto pairs, it means that you are only getting an effective leverage of about 1.25x.

Axitrader is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). When selecting a broker such as Axitrader, one of the most critical factors to consider is the broker’s regulatory body and regulatory status. Unregulated brokers pose a direct risk to the security of their client’s funds, as they operate without any oversight or regulation. In contrast, regulated brokers are subject to strict rules and regulations that prevent them from manipulating market prices or engaging in fraudulent activities.

Autochartist now brings the world’s first market scanner directly to the MT4 platform, saving valuable time by allowing traders to watch all symbols and all time periods from a single chart. Being one of the most trusted user-generated Forex and CFD communities, FPA is making sure to mediate communication between traders and service providers. Autochartist provides the bulk of research content at Axi, but the Axi blog also features a weekly market review. It is well written and features charts with easy-to-understand trading ideas. Below is a list of trading cost examples for buying and selling the EUR/USD, holding the trade for one night and seven nights, in the commission-based Axi Pro account. We reached out via the live chat function and the second agency gave us the correct reason why our Neteller withdrawals were cancelled.

Axi Professional Account

The team answered the call in under 5 minutes and successfully resolved our queries over the phone. We will show you an example of the basics of using Axitrader leverage. Like other brokers, https://forex-review.net/ Axitrader margin requirements can differ depending on the traded instrument. Axitrader are able to accommodate various levels of traders whether you are experienced or a beginner.

It’s crucial to do your due diligence and research the reputation, track record and trust worthyness of Axitrader. You must also ensure the Axitrader broker’s profile, trading tools, fees and regulation aligns with your needs and goals. In terms of the trading platforms and technology at AxiTrader, they make use of the MT4 software. Most traders will no doubt be aware of this platform and many will have used it at other brokers. There are a range of account types that you can choose from at AxiTrader. These include the demo account as well as two different “live” accounts.

Account Types

The payment method employed for funding your account might also incur a fee. However, it’s important to note that depending on your trading account type, some brokers may require a higher minimum deposit of up to 10,000 GBP/USD. https://forex-review.net/axitrader-review-scam-or-legit/ Therefore, it’s essential to research and compares different brokers to determine which best suits your trading needs and budget. Please be aware that trading in financial assets with Axitrader carries a risk of loss.

They hold substantial core capital reserves, making them capable of handling unexpected losses and market volatility without endangering their Axitrader clients’ funds. They have an extensive track record in the industry and are well known for their relatively attentive customer service and extensive asset coverage. They also have a range of trading platforms and give traders numerous customisation options. AxiTrader’s demo account offers a risk-free environment for traders to practice and learn with real market conditions and access to educational resources. However, it has a limited duration, and there can be emotional differences when trading with real money. As GBP is available as the base currency no currency conversion fee will be charged for GBP deposits.

AxiTrader provides MetaTrader 4 and AxiTrader Copy Trade platforms, that are accessible as desktop programs, web-based platforms, and mobile phone apps. The average spreads for Pro account, after factoring in the commission fees, was at 1.14 pips (0.44 commission + 0.7 commission) whereas Standard account offered 1.24 pips spread. Considering the reputation and leverage available, the offer makes sense for people looking into trading major indices.